5 Thing to Listen to to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

Posted: February 28th, 2013 in Public. No Comments

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For years I lived just down the road from where I worked. Last year I changed jobs and like most others here in my area I entered into the reality that an hour or more of my life each day would be spent getting myself to and from work.

For months I hated my commute. Having never spent significant time commuting daily, I was used to having that time for other things. I felt like precious time was being stolen from me. Each day I felt it influencing my mood negatively.

One day I realized though that I have a guaranteed hour or more set aside each day without common distractions. So I began to adjusted how I used that time. The whole thing turned around, I now love my commute time. I look forward to it. I even miss it a little on the weekends.

Here are 5 things I listen to on a daily basis that help make my commute time more enjoyable.

  • TED talks

TED talks are presentations that are designed to inspire as well as entertain. They have a vast collection of presentations within the broad scope of technology, education and design. TED.com releases a new talk every day. I had listened to TED talks before but never daily. My excitement for the day went up because each day I am focussing on something new and inspiring.

  • Religious audiobooks or messages

Most religions or spiritual paths have written guidance or scripture. With so much to do and so many distractions, it can be difficult to set aside time to study and think about things from a spiritual nature. Reading more of my religion’s holy scripture has always been on my resolution list. Finally I had no excuse. I have time set aside every day. Spiritual messages and time to contemplate life’s greatest purposes and mysteries are a fantastic way to gain perspective and uplift and encourage yourself for the day. This advice obviously isn’t for everyone. I understand some people don’t have any religious affiliation. My experience though has taught me most people at least consider themselves somewhat spiritual; dedicating time to learn and search those things can be very inspirational and help you throughout your day.

  • Podcasts

I love podcasts. Podcasts are like independent radio shows that just about anyone can make and available via iTunes for free. You can find one on just about any topic and many are updated regularly. You can download and listen to them any time. So instead of searching radio channels to find something interesting, you chose what you want to listen and learn about and they are usually done by people who are passionate about the subject.

  • Audiobooks 

This one is a bit more general and a staple of I think of anyone who has commuted for very long. I always complain how I don’t have time to read all of the things I want. Having time set aside every day to finally, “read” the books I’ve always wanted is great. I think you’ll be surprised how quickly you can turn that depressing time waiting in traffic into a time that you enjoy and wish you could even stay longer in.

  • Silence

Obviously listening to inspiring presentations and well-crafted books can be uplifting, but sometimes thoughtful silence can be even more powerful. I try to set aside some driving time each day in silence so I can really think about what happened that day. I’ve learned a lot and have decided a lot by letting my mind wander and contemplate where it feels it needs to go.

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